Phoenix Events (East) Ltd


SIA Site Security & Manned Guarding

Whether it is for retail, wholesale, commercial, residential or industrial premises, Phoenix Events (East) Ltd provides skilled and professionally trained;

  • SIA Security
  • SIA Door Supervisors

for all on-site security requirements.

We work closely with selected partners to provide some of the above roles to ensure that the high level of service required is delivered and provide a complete package of services.

Appreciating that it is the safe and secure running of your business that is important, our uniformed security officers deter theft and vandalism, as well as reducing the potential damage from risks such as fire and flood.

Reflecting your own values, courteous, personable, and highly competent, Phoenix Events (East) Ltd security officers ensure that the first impression visitors to your premise gain is one of complete professionalism.

Comprehensive and continuous in-house programs, augmented by the training provided by Act Counter-Terrorism E=Leaning (ACT ) and other courses, ensure Phoenix Events (East) Ltd staff are always aware of current legislation changes, client needs, business improvements, current threat levels, and personal development. These multi-skilled officers are also flexible in the roles they can perform for clients when needing to undertake duties such as caretaking, reception, stock control, administration, and cleaning tasks to help the organization run smoothly.

We offer but are not limited to the following services:

  • Construction sites
  • Retail Outlets
  • Business premises
  • Corporate premises
  • Business Centres and offices
  • Logistics and retail parks,
  • Government Buildings,
  • Schools, hospitals, Lesuire centers, and Holiday parks.
  • Facilities management

Our facilities management teams will take over the day to day running of your premises. It is easy to move staff from other duties to look after contractors so let Phoenix Events (East) Ltd do it for you.

We will provide Security and cleaners to look after your site keeping your site secure and clean with one company our facilities team will be able to provide maintenance staff for small jobs without having to call in contractors at a call-out charge.

Post room duties are also something we can do delivering mail to other departments and even other buildings,

All security guards are SIA licensed, screened to BS7858, and trained in customer service and conflict management, This presents a customer-friendly and approachable presence that is vital to achieving an effective interface between the client, customers, staff and visitors.

For further details about our Static Guarding and CCTV monitoring services, please contact us!

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