Phoenix Events (East) Ltd


Phoenix Events (East) Ltd delivers protective security to construction sites across the East of England.

Construction projects are constantly at risk from a security point of view, particularly during out of hours periods. Once employees and contractors leave for the day, it is vital to have professional security in place to keep sites and equipment safe, avoiding costly damage and theft.

We provide an innovative and integrated construction site security solution, including management and operational support. This is underpinned by a comprehensive construction security management program that supports any risk of theft, damage, or vandalism.

Insurance Risk: Many insurance companies are now refusing to insure sites that don’t have a provision of manned security during out of hours periods. This just underlines how important it is to put a system in place to manage construction site security.

We deliver a bespoke security solution for your business using our dedicated, Quality Management policies and highly professional operatives, providing a safe and secure solution to immediate problems or long-term projects.

Our operatives at Phoenix Events (East) Ltd are foremost professional in all aspects within the industry, which who are reliable and proactive with a natural and flexible approach to our ground operations. We have a range of experienced guards to meet any requirements.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Site Warning Boards / Patrol Points
  • Equipment with all PPE to meet BS standards
  • Gate operations and Access control
  • Asset protection and Traffic Marshaling
  • Vehicle Patrolling sites
  • Delivery Handling and logging
  • Verification of Identity
  • Surveillance and intelligence gathering

For further details about our Construction Security please contact us!

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