Phoenix Events (East) Ltd

Mission Statement

Phoenix Events (East) Limited’s philosophy is defined by the term

‘We Guard, We Protect, We Secure’

It is our aim to provide the highest possible standards of professional care and protection for clients in the public, private, domestic, or commercial sector. We believe in providing the ultimate in security services based on the values of integrity, loyalty, and trust plus our specialist knowledge allows us to deliver cost-effectively and a tailor-made solution.

Phoenix Events (East) Ltd

Who We Are

Phoenix Events (East) Ltd was formed in 2018 to bring you a simple, flexible, effective and professional service. We are your reliable partner for all your car parking, traffic management and other event support needs. As well as Security Guarding, CCTV monitoring and Mobile Patrols. We also understand that most events may require a bespoke service and would be delighted to discuss your individual needs during an onsite consultation.

We hope the following information will help you come to the conclusion that when you choose Phoenix Events (East) Ltd you can rest easy in the knowledge that your investment is in the safest hands.

Providing services for your event including, but not limited to, pacesetter/back marker (can be a car, bicycle or runner), registration area, bagging area, finish line, transition area, car parking staff and signage, traffic management, event set up, putting up and taking down signs, marquees and obstacles. All aspects of your event are covered by our team.

We adhere to every associated practice related to your event. Planning, training and image is of paramount importance to us for a successful event. Phoenix Events (East) Ltd realises that in many instances the first contact your customers and staff have at your event is with a member of our team. We ensure that our staff are smart, articulate and fully briefed to handle their role.

We are ambassadors for your event and pride ourselves in going the extra mile. We don’t just want to be a contractor we want to be part of your events team. We can support your event by providing one member of staff to the provision of 50 for larger scale events and occasions. We pride ourselves on a core team that are fully trained and experienced, and we do not sub-contract; all staff are members of our team.

We cover the East Anglia region, why not give us a call for a quote? We carry out ad-hoc one-off projects as well as longer-term contracts. Please see the areas we cover on the map on the homepage of the site to see areas we regularly cover for more details please don’t hesitate to ask, or if you have any queries and you need another area covering.

We offer realistic pricing because there is no middle man or multi-national firm to deal with. We hold all the relevant insurances which will be emailed to you at the beginning. Our staff are fully licensed by the SIA. Copies of staff details will be sent before they work with you, so you can also do your own checks.

The National Outdoor Events Association has launched a new campaign to encourage better treatment of staff, volunteers and attendees of events. The new campaign, simply branded ‘Respect’, will include a Respect Charter that events-based organisations can sign up to. The aim is for events businesses to demonstrate a zero-tolerance approach to harassment of any kind while at an event.

Phoenix Events (East) Ltd supports this campaign. For more information, please visit: https://noea.org.uk/noea-launches-respect-campaign-at-annual-convention/

We have also have signed up for The EAFN ‘A Greener Future’ ‘Initiative and are working to improve our environmental impact. https://eafn.co.uk/resources/the-eafns-a-greener-future-initiative/the-eafn-a-greener-future-list-of-participants/

As well as showing our support and commitment to the National Suicide Prevention Alliance https://www.nspa.org.uk/members/

Phoenix Events (East) Ltd

Our Management Team

Adam Harding



PA to Director

Sam Birtwell

Operations Supervisor

Our Director and Founder, Adam Harding has 15 years’ experience working for and in partnership with industry-leading operators providing a fully integrated service. Adam started his career as a steward and worked his way up through the levels, supervising and managing. He then started his own company, responsible for all security services. Specializing in events, security and stewarding, car parking, traffic management as well as the other security services we offer including static guarding and mobile patrols.

Adam is keen to set the standard in the industry, being the first in the area to be disability confident, as well as other achieved standards and leading on incentives, like being the first to pledge to East Anglia Festival Network greener future policy. With some new firsts for security companies in the area to be announced soon.

Another area Adam is proud to be part of is the Living Wage Accredited scheme, and like this, he will look to the next step with all qualifications gained. With this, we are looking to be one of the first to roll out  Living Wage hour as a security firm nationally. Adam is always looking to raise the bar for clients, customers, and staff. He appreciates his staff and goes the extra mile. Also, he will work on the ground and lead by example. He will not ask a member of staff to do something he is not prepared to do himself.

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